altThis was possibly one of our most impressive performances yet.

On March 16th-18th, 2012 the Aluminum Falcons competed in the annual New York City FIRST Robotics Regional. Fine tuned and not only ready to rebound, but rumble, FIRST Team 2168 went to New York City prepared to spread their wings. This was the team's first time competing in the NYC Regional. Aluma Fett worked amazingly throughout the qualifications rounds. Out of 66 teams competing, the Aluminum Falcons were ranked #1 with an (8-0-0) record entering eliminations. Being the first seeded alliance captain, we were joined by third seeded alliance captain FIRST Team 1676 Pascack Pioneers from Montvale, NJ and FIRST Team 329 "Raiders" from Medford, NY. Although the team had performed well in the quarterfinals, due to communications problems and other technical difficulties, the alliance was eliminated in the semifinals. 

On a positive note, we did not leave empty handed, winning the Innovation in Control Award for their impressive button box that was utilized by the Drive Team during the competition. Although the team did not leave with the win, the experience the Aluminum Falcons witnessed was the product of our exponential growth.


Only two years ago, to get that far would have been a dream. FIRST Team 2168 will take what they have learned from New York City and apply it to their final showdown at the Northeast Utilities FIRST Robotics Regional on March 29th-31st. 

"Had a blast watching you guys compete. Congratulations on getting this far! I'm very excited for the future of the team"-Anthony Tadros (Alumni; 2009 Team Captain)

"We did great this weekend and I think everyone had an awesome time, I know I did. Now we can just let this serve as increased motivation to destroy at Hartford; as seen in the past, one small loss will definitely not stop the mighty Aluminum Falcons"-Zack Nado (Programming Captain)

"It hurt for a while, but I'm back to remembering the undefeated run through the quals, and the absolutely brilliant quarterfinals. Everyone was very impressive and I am proud of you all"-Brian Chidley (Head Coach)




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