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"Although, FIRST is about innovation rather than competition, awards help teams achieve a standard from which they can work from and aspirations towards achieving their full potential. Each award that FIRST Team 2168 has won over the years hold its own story and individual significance. Spanning from the team's rookie year to our competition season we have continued to grow and hope to achieve even more each year".



WPI Battlecry 16-Winners 

-After being ranked second at the end of qualification rounds we formed an alliance with 2067 Apple Pi and 4564 Orange Chaos and went on to win Battlecry for the second straight year. This was the third time the team has won this competition in four years, and after only 6 years of attending this event the Falcons are tied at second for most wins at Battlecry. Read more about the competition here.

New England District Championship-Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation

-For the second straight year Team 2168 won the Innovation in Control Award at the District Championship. This was a moment that the entire programming crew worked tirelessly all season for and celebrated their remarkable work on our control system. This makes the Aluminum Falcons the only team so far to win this award at the New England Championship. Read more about the competition here.

Rhode Island District Event-Woodie Flowers Award Semifinalist-Kevin Harrilal

Long time mentor Kevin Harrilal was selected as a Woodie Flowers Award Semifinalist at this event. This award recognizes mentors who lead, inspire, and empower using excellent communication skills. As a district event winner Kevin will be eligible to win the Woodie Flowers Award at the District Championship in Worcester. Read more about the competition here.

Pioneer Valley District Event-Winners

-Selected by the fifth ranked alliance of 3146 Granby Grunts and 3718 Junkyard Battalion the Falcons helped take their alliance to victory at this event. With programmers perfecting a twenty point autonomous and our human player excelling at noodle throwing we were able to gain a decisive edge at the competition. Read more about the competition here.


WPI Battlecry 15-Winners

-Forming an alliance with 4048 Redshift and 3719 STEM Whalers we were once again victorious at Battlecry. The team was very fortunate to have such excellent partners as each robot's design allowed the alliance to work very well together in order to suceed. This was the team's second victory at this event in three years. Read more about the competition here.

New England Championship-Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation

-At a competition consisting of the 60 highest ranking teams in New England the Aluminum Falcons were recognized for having a unique control system that allowed us to maximize the capabilities of the robot. Various features such as our motion sensor ball retainer factored into the judges' choice to give us this award.

Rhode Island District Event-Finalists 

At the Rhode Island event the team was selected by the highest ranked team 1519 Mechanical Mayhem and joined by 5163 The Aluminum Warriors. After cruising through the quarterfinals and semifinals the alliance reached the finals, winning the first match. However, a twenty point foul in the second match and a 2 point loss in the third and final match prevented the Falcons from emerging victorious. Read more about the competition here.

Rhode Island District Event-Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation

As a result of our unique controls system the Falcons were chosen to recieve this award. This is the second time we have won this award at a competition and it is a testament to our incredible mechanical and programming crews. Read more about the competition here.

Groton District Event-Creativity Award sponsored by Xerox 

At our home event in Groton, Ct the Aluminum Falcons won the Creativity Award for the first time. This award recognized both the team's creative design and style of play at the competition. Read more about the competition here.


Bash at the Beach-Winners

-At Old Lyme High School the Aluminum Falcons aligned with 236 Techno Ticks and 4055 Gearheads to win this offseason event. This was the second consecutive year that the Falcons have won this competition.

WPI Regional-Winners

-Among a field of 42 teams from New York, New England--and even one from Old England--a field that included three prior world champion teams, the Fitch Robotics team took their sixth-seeded alliance consisting of 3044 OxBE4 and 3280 RhodeRebels through a series of upsets from the quarter-finals all the way to the 3rd-game in the best of 3 finals to win the WPI Regional FIRST Robotics competition. Read more about the competition here.

Suffield Shakedown-Winners 

-For the second straight year the Aluminum Falcons were victorious at the Suffield Shakedown. Along with alliance partners 2067 Apple Pi and 2836 Beta the Falcons played tight defense and topped all other alliances in this preseason event.


Bash at the Beach-Winners 

-Along with 1124 Uberbots and 3461 P.E.A.C.C.E Team 2168 emerged victorious at this event. This was an exciting victory as it was the first competition for our rookie drive team of Emma Stark and Finian O'Connor. Read more about the competition here.

Beantown Blitz-Mentor Champions

-During lunch on the day of the event, mentors from participating teams were pitted against to each other to only see who would be the next mentor champions but to also raise money for charity. Representing our team were mentors Josh Miller, Justin Foss, and James Corcoran. Aligned with the NUtrons and 78 AIR Strike they were victorious with a competition highest score of 85 points. Read more about the competition here

WPI Battlecry 13-Winners

-Aligning with 1519 Mechanical Mayhem and 125 NUtrons we were victorious at this event without a single loss during all elimination rounds. Also at this competition, Fat Swan and its alliance scored its highest total of season, 99 points with only 18 points in autonomous and no triple balance. Outside Suffield, this is one of the first competitive wins the team has earned. Read more about the competition here

New York City Regional-Innovation in Control Award sponsored by Rockwell Automation

-Differing from other competitions in the past, this is the first time both of the drivers did not use the Logitech controllers to control the robot. Equipped with the "Button Box", our Operator Niral Patel was able to use presets programmed in the robot to shoot from various parts of the field. In awe of not only the simplicity but its dynamic functions the judges were captivated. This is the first design award the team has ever received. Read more about the competition here.

Suffield Shakedown-Winners

-Along with Aces High 176 and the WhoCTEK's 716 we were victorious at Suffield Shakedown. Although, not placed in the highest four seeds after qualification matches we became a valuable team member being mistakingly picked by two of the top alliances. This is the first victory the Aluminum Falcons and Fitch Robotics has ever had. Read more about the competition here.

Suffield Shakedown-Dave Leenhout's Award-Brian Chidley

-Presented to the student-nominated mentor who spreads the mission of FIRST through their vision, inspiration and determination. This award was presented to our head coach, Brian Chidley for "transforming a team of six into a family of over thirty". Click here to view our winning essay. 

Suffield Shakedown-Highest Score

-Aluma Fett especially excelled allowing us to recieve this honor. Throughout the competition we were a high scoring robot able to score through each of the baskets including the high one. Combined with our impressive autonoumous we were able to score 41 points an alliance in the final match and win the scrimmage. 

Suffield Shakedown-Most Impressive Autonomous

-Awarded to the team with the most impressive autonomous. Thanks to the brilliance of our programming crew, our team was able to program our robot only a few minutes before competing. In autonomous our robot is able to score 2-3 times in the high basket making us an invaluable alliance partner during the competition. 


Bash At the Beach-Pushing the Envelope

-This award is earned by the team that exudes innovation. Most of these improvements come from robot design but our's came from a phone app. through the inventive mind of Programming Captain Zack Nado. He was able to develop an Android App that facilitated the process of scouting other team's robots during the competition. To read more about this competition click here.

WPI Regional-Coopertition Award

-In honor of Dean Kamen and the spirit of FIRST our team was rewarded for the gracious professionalism our team exhibited throughout this regional. Although the competitive atmosphere of the competition remained, we were all willing to lend a hand to teams in need. Sharing tools and even our minibot were all elements that made this competition relationship forming.


Bash At the Beach-Best Play of the Day

-In a stunning elimination match our robot near the end of game managed to suspend itself above the ground moments before it ended. However, the height of robot was debatable causing the judges to measure our distances manually. Saved by quarters of an inch we were able to claim victory in that match. To read more about this competition click here.


WPI Battlecry 10-Runner Ups

-Along with our alliance member we progressed through the quarterfinals, semifinals, and surprisingly made into the Finals. Although we were defeated, this was a huge victory for our team being only the third year we had run as a FIRST team. Read more about this competition click here.


UTC Connecticut Regional-Highest Rookie Seed

-Our first competition as an FRC team was during the UTC Connecticut Regional in Hartford, CT back in 2007. Being one of the several rookie teams that attended this event, we earned the highest placing during Qualification rounds allowing us to win this award.



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