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Team Banner

   (2011 Banner / Tier 1 Letter Header)  | (Banner Center)


Team Logo

After several transitionary periods our team came to a consensus on what the Aluminum Falcons logo would be. Staying true to our Star Wars theme this logo is inspired by the Symbol of the Jedi Order. Below are different downloadable color orientations of our team logo. 

On White

   (Black on white)    |    (Red on white)

On Black 

    (Red on black)     |   (Silver on black)  |  (White on black)

On Red

   (Black on red)       |   (Silver on red)     |    (White on red)

Desktop Backgrounds

The Aluminum Falcons are pleased to present for your use, the creativity of our digital design and arts students. Please download your favorite background and support the Falcons from your computer. If the size doesn't fit your desktop please e-mail us through the (Contact Us) page and we will be happy to send you a size that matches your needs. Thank You! 

          (All Geared Up)        |            (Falcon Fiber)           |          (Falcon Strikes)         |        (Gears in the mist) 



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