The Team

Fitch Robotics—FIRST Team 2168; Aluminum Falcons (2010-Present); Cyber Falcons (2007-2009)

The Name


Why not “Titanium Falcons” or “Iron Falcons” or “Platinum Falcons” or “Tungsten Falcons” or “Molybdenum Falcons” or “Neodymium Falcons” or “Yttrium Falcons” “Erbium Falcons” or “Praseodymium Falcons”? Other than the Robot Chicken reference (which might be reason enough), there are already too many teams that are “titanium” this and “iron” that. These names are not particularly honest since the robots on the field are primarily made of Aluminum. This is a good thing since aluminum is one of the most amazing metals, being a unique combination of rigidity and strength, while being unbelievably light-weight and low-cost. Airplanes and Army tanks are made of aluminum alloys and compounds. Aluminum is highly resistant to weather deterioration. Aluminum is also the third-best metal for electrical conductivity and it is highly recyclable, where nearly 60% of new aluminum products come from post-consumer stock. So let’s get excited about Aluminum! Woo Hoo! Be proud to carry the name of this marvelous metal! Yeah! Let’s hear it for this wonderful metal, our very own: element number 13! Huzzah!

The “Al” in Falcons also proves to be a serendipitous display of the chemical symbol of Aluminum.


“Who’s They?! What the heck is an Aluminum Falcon?”

Our team name the "Aluminum Falcons" is inspired by the Star Wars special of an Adult Swim original Robot Chicken. In the skit that inspired us Emperor Palpatine recieves a phone call from Darth Vader about the Death Star blowing up. While conversing with him he is angered by what he found out and yells the famous line "Who's they!? What the heck is an Aluminum Falcon?" Below is a link of the original video. Viewer Discretion is advised

Robot Chicken: Emperor's Phone Call


The Number

2168 logo binaryWhen a team forms and registers for a FIRST Robotics Competition, they are assigned a team number. Generally, the lower the number, the longer that team has been competing. Although it wasn’t until the late 90s that the team number stayed with that team in perpetuity, teams with three or fewer digits have been competing for 15 years or more.


Since the team number is the primary form of identification with FIRST, it becomes a major part of that team’s identity, with as much or more significance as the name, the logo, or mascot.


We are team 2168, having initially competed in the 2007 season. When translated to binary, one decimal digit at a time, 2-1-6-8 becomes 0010 0001 0110 1000.





The Evolution

Although Fitch Robotics began with humble beginnings, the team has received an exponential growth in membership since their name change and new start in the 2010 Breakaway Competition Season. A combination of factors are responsible for this growth, from widespread publicity to extensive community involvement. This is evidenced by the team’s high influx in Freshman and Seniors interested in joining Robotics over the past few years. The Aluminum Falcons are constantly setting new highs of student membership and the team has a strong core of mentors and Alumni.

"I joined FIRST Team 2168 back in my freshman year of high school and always happily look back on the decision.  Back then, the team wasn't even called the Aluminum Falcons and consisted of merely me and five other seniors. After a bumpy first year, I returned to the team surprised to see a room full of two dozen students.  Soon we decided on the current name for the team and our famous Star Wars theme; the quality of our robot also improved as we realized what we could do with the abilities and cooperation of so many members.  After that year had passed, I once again returned to our meeting room without disappointment.  Even more members had joined, this time bringing even more skills and potential than the team had ever seen.  My junior year was the best our team had ever seen, and I am proud to say that I helped it reach said point.  That was the same year I really started to program the robot, and this year I know we will continue our tradition of improvement and soar to new heights.  

A wise little green Jedi master once sent his apprentice into a cave for training, and when asked "What's in there?" he replied "Only what you take with you."  I feel this same scenario can be applied to FIRST and especially to our team, because I have seen first hand many aspiring engineers and business leaders thoroughly commit themselves to our group and get priceless skills out of it; I am included among these aspiring engineers, having acquired countless amounts of knowledge from our generous mentors over the years.  I've made numerous friends that I otherwise never would have, and overall I am proud to say that FIRST Team 2168, the Aluminum Falcons, have changed my life for the better, and that because of it, I will go on to do more than I ever could before".


Zack Nado (Programming Captain, 2009-2012 Competition Season)


Our Team Photos



2015 team photo2015 Competition Team:

Front Row: Brian Chidley (Head Coach), Neel T., Ben Waid, David L., Zach C., Isabelle Wright, Will Ferguson, Brighton Garland, Matt Nowak, Katy Fagnant, Dominique Harris, Nate Gerry, Eamon Costello, Josiah P., Nigel Miller,

Back Row: Zach Lanczycki, Bennet Clark, Talal Jilani, Tanner LeClair, Brendan Sok, Jacob Kowalski, Robert Tompkins, Kush Kumar, Emma Stark, Sarah Mitchell, Jazmyn Scott, Harris Jilani, Dustin Garner, Cameron Wilhelm, Vittorio Papandrea 

Students: 36

Mentors: 10






2014 team photo2014 Competition Team:

Front Row: Eamon Costello, Austin Russell

Second Row: Brody Lee, Dominique Harris, Elijah R., Shilo Feldman, Tanner LeClair, Bennet Clark, Ben Waid, Bryton Garland, Brendan Sok, Kush Kumar, Emma Stark, Finian O'Connor

Third Row: Talal Jilani, Jasmyn Scott, Isabelle Wright, Jacob Lee, Vittorio Papandrea, Cameron Wilhelm, Matt Nowak, Jacob Kowalski, Zachary Lanczycki

Last Row: Robert Tompkins, Jacob Franklin, Nick Nado, Cooper Halverdson

Students: 34

Mentors: 11






2013 team photo2013 Competition Team:

 First Row: Josh Miller (EB), Brian Chidley (Head Coach), Shriji Amin, Kush Kumar, Steve Pickering (EB), Kevin Harrilal (EB)

Second Row: MarieAlyse Periera, Ed Lee (Coast Guard), James Corcoran (EB), Christian Drew, Finian O'Connor, Jacob Kowalski, Mikaela Dimaapi, Emma Stark, Maggie Adams, Sultan Jilani, Isabelle Wright, Austin Russell, Jacob Lee, Brody Lee

Last Row: Elizabeth Nado, Jay Franklin (EB), Aram Mead (EB), Jacob Franklin, Cameron Wilhelm, Robert Tompkins, Matt Nowak, Cooper Halverdson, Kevin Brown (EB), Victoria Bean, Nick Nado, Lauren Smith, Alex Kelleher

Students: 31

Mentors: 15





2012 Competition Team:2012 Team Photo

Front Row: Alex Kelleher, Matt Gentry, Niral Patel, Tim Entwistle, Tulsa Scott, Daron Chandler, Luka Jovanovic, Zack Nado.

Middle Row: Nick Nado, Emma Stark, Michael Han, Jacob Kowalski, Matt Nowak, Sultan Jilani, Finian O' Connor, Srini Srirangam, Renée Harms, Shriji Amin, Amy Hernandez, Brody Lee, Jayesh Bokhiria, Kurt Fitzgerald, Jacob Lee

Back Row, Mentors: Brian Chidley (Fitch), Josh Miller (EB), Justin Foss (Parker Hannifin), James Corcoran (EB), Kevin Harrilal (EB), Jun Kudo (EB), John Holroyde (Pfizer-ret)

Missing from Photo:

Zoë Yopp, Christian Drew (EB), Aram Mead (EB)

Students: 26

Mentors: 10

2011 Competition Team:

Front Row: Tulsa Scott, Alex Kelleher, Will Dixon, Tim Entwistle, Niral Patel, Zoe Yopp, Dominick Twitty, Tyler Qualley, Zack Nado.

Middle Rows: Nick Greer, Daron Chandler, Nick Nado, Matt  Palmer, Mike Gaiewski, Sydney Roper, Shriji Amin, Srini Srirangam, Matt Savona, Jayesh Bokhira, Kyle McLeod, Matt Gentry, Matt Myles, Byran Pitts, Mo Faraj

Back Row, Mentors: Josh Miller (EB), John Holroyde (Pfizer-ret), Justin Foss (EB), James Corcoran (EB), Jun Kudo (EB), 
Aram Mead (EB), Mark Entwistle (SAIC), Brian Chidley (Fitch)

Missing from Photo: Christian Drew (EB), Zazil Villanueva Esperon, Kevin Harrilal (EB)

Students: 24                                                                                    Mentors: 11


2010 Competition Team:

Mentors; Left to right: Chi Meson, Mark Entwistle (SAIC), John Holroyde (Pfizer), Aram Mead (EB), Will Repsher (EB), James Beebe (USN), Jimmy Cook (EB), Christian Drew (EB), Huy Huynh (EB), Anthony Tadros (alumnus), James Corcoran (EB), Kevin Harrilal (EB)


Students: Will Wang, Kenn Victorino, Maria Tompkins, Jacob Ricker, Nanda Komeneni, Tulsa Scott, Rachael Kokomoor, Zack Nado, Jenn Chan, Alex Kelleher, Srini Srirangam, Zoe Yopp, Tim Entwistle, Tom Rowland, Josh Hohlfelder

Missing from Photo: Tushar Patel, Deep Kanegala

Students: 15

Mentors: 12



2009 Competition Team:

(Left to Right): James Corcoran (EB), Tushar Patel, Jimmy Cook (EB), Sean Gerfin, Kevin Harrilal (EB), Zack Nado, Anthony Tadros, Chris Schlimgen, Timothy Chestnut, Brian Chidley (Fitch), Jayesh Bokhiria, Raymond Slezycki

Missing from Photo: Christian Drew, Stephanie Slezycki, and Huy Huynh

Students: 6

Mentors: 8










Other Team Photos:



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