Lead Programming Mentor

Electric Boat

My story:

I joined the team right before the 2009 season began. Before joining Team 2168 I had never heard of FIRST. I was immediately hooked, like many others have been before me. I had a strong hardware and software background, but nothing can quite prepare you for the time crunch of a 6 week design/test/build season. My goal is to push each student which is on my crew to be a team within a team. I expect every one of my students to look back on each season and be astounded with how much they have grown technically and personally.

When I joined Team 2168, there were no more than 10 mentors and students at any time. From this modest beginning we've built a monster team that's thriving. It didn't come without failures, but together we're doing it and I hope everyone takes pride in that.

(James is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering.)



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