Coach and Faculty Advisor

Fitch High School

My Story:

It’s Mr. Chidley to the students here at Fitch where I teach Physics. I got my bachelor’s from UVA in 1988 and immediately took a 10-year “pre-tirement,” mostly running, cycling, mountaineering, and back-country skiing. I worked as a baker in Charlottesville, VA; as a carpenter in Manassas, VA; a bike & Ski tech in Portland, OR; plus other odd jobs that also put my Physics and English degrees to good use. I began teaching in 1998 and I joined the team in December 2008 when the student captain at the time quite actually begged me to “help out a little bit.” I had no idea what to expect, and had no clue how to build a robot. This is my fifth year of FIRST Robotics, and the fourth year of the Aluminum Falcons. Along with Josh, I get to do a lot of talking; to students, to parents, to other teachers and administrators. During the build season, I get to do my favorite job of leading the construction of the practice field elements, plus whatever other rough carpentry jobs pop up. I'm looking forward to this new season. Our 2014 team has more than 35 solid, dedicated members. Compare that to 5 in 2009.



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