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My story:

My FIRST career started when I joined my high school robotics team my senior year in 2004. FRC Team 640, RoboElite was a team of only 8 students and one faculty member at the time. I had no prior knowledge of programming or robotics in general, and in 6 weeks had to learn how to program in Easy C and figure out what the word pneumatics meant. It was a refreshing challenge and sparked my interest in Engineering and Science like nothing before. My role on the team then shifted to Lead Driver and we ultimately made it to the semi-finals at the NYC regional. That single event was my inspiration to become an Engineer.

I attended Polytechnic University of NY and graduated in 2008 with dual bachelors degree in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. During my college years I stayed a mentor of team 640 off and on, as well as some local FLL teams that the university supported. After Graduation, I moved up to Groton, CT to pursue further education and joined the Aluminum Falcons in 2008. The Falcons was a team similar to the team I started from, small, under-supported but full of talent and full of potential. Even though my role on the team is lead Controls Engineer, my goal is to inspire each one of my kids the same way I was inspired, and push them to the capabilities I know they have! The kids on this team are the most amazing kids I have ever had the privilege to work with. Its great to see the difference from where we started to where we are now.

I completed my Masters degree in Control Systems and Robotics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 2011 and am currently pursing a PhD degree in Control Systems from Yale University.



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