Mechanical Crew

Electric Boat

My story:

I became involved with FIRST Robotics during my first semester at Clarkson University as a mentor on Team 229 Division By Zero. The robotics program at Clarkson was treated as an outreach effort that gave two area high schools a chance to work with college students. Picking up robotics mentoring as an extracurricular activity, I quickly became immersed in the culture as I saw how greatly it impacted the students I worked with how it made me strive to learn and pass on even more knowledge. At Clarkson I took every opportunity I could to work with robotics throughout the year, and made some lasting friendships as a result. After graduating from Clarkson with B.S. in mechanical engineering, I took a job at General Dynamics Electric Boat where I was eager to work with team 2168 as well as some friends from 229. My role now is a mechanical mentor and I strive to pass on the knowledge In my years of robotics and of engineering,  I have learned design practices I have used at college and in my career.



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