Competition Timeline

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble

2011 Logomotion

2010 Breakaway

2009 Lunacy

2008 Overdrive

2007 Rack N' Roll (Rookie Year)

  • UTC New England Regional           (Mar. 15-17, 2007)


Third Year of Fitch Robotics; Third Year of the Cyber Falcons

The last year of the Cyber Falcons, but a highly competitive year.

Robot Design

  • The 2009 FRC game, Lunacy, was played on a slick surface and robot wheels were required to be made of hard plastic. Because of these features in the game, our team thought we should focus on making a maneuverable robot. We hoped to do so by installing a gyro on the robot which would allow us to use what we knew about conservation of angular momentum to improve our robots ability to turn on the field. Implementing this feature required numerous prototypes in an effort to improve the performance of the design. Ultimately a simple flywheel with single axis tilt control was used. 

Drive Team

  • Base Driver: Anthony Tadros (Senior)
  • Operator: Tim Chesnut (Senior)
  • Human Player: Zack Nado (Freshman)
  • Coach: Varied


  • BattleCry@WPI 10 - Finalists (2168, 190, 1153)

The Game

The 2009 Competition was Lunacy

See our 2009 stats at The Blue Alliance



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