Competition Timeline

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble

2011 Logomotion

2010 Breakaway

2009 Lunacy

2008 Overdrive

2007 Rack N' Roll (Rookie Year)

  • UTC New England Regional           (Mar. 15-17, 2007)


Fifth Year of Fitch Robotics; Second Year of the Aluminum Falcons

In the preseason leading up to the 2011 game, Logomotion, The Aluminum Falcons gained new students, new mentors, and a new direction. Substantial funding was in place for the first time ever, extremely talented students were drawn to the excitement of robotics, and we got a infusion of organization from mentors with years of FIRST Robotics experience.  All the ingredients were there to make the 2011 robot a powerhouse. 

Not only did this robot do it all, but it required nearly zero maintenance throughout the entire season. From software to hardware this machine ran like a dream through 5 events and countless hours of driver training. It has exceeded our expectations. Building this robot has given the team the boost of confidence and direction that it so desperately needed. 

Robot Design

  • The objective was to build a robot which could place tubes at all levels, score in autonomous, deploy a minibot, and hold its own ground when up against the competition. Talyn is the robot that could; it's the robot that does it all. It plays every aspect of the game, and it plays them well. At the WPI regional our Alliance needed a robot that could play defense, and our skilled drive team showed everyone how it should be done. At the Northeast Utilities Connecticut Regional, AND Battlecry@WPI 12, Talyn was 100% successful scoring in autonomous mode.

Tayln--Click for larger image

  • Chassis: 0.090" Sheetmetal Construction for Drivetrain and Tower Supports
  • Drivetrain: 4CIM Motors, 6 Wheel Drive, 2 speed transmission (5fps/11fps)
  • Superstructure: 1 Fisher Price Motor, 2 Stage 80/20 Linear Lift, ~1.5s Floor To Score
  • Manipulator: Pnuematic Claw, 3 Position Pnuematic Shoulder
  • Minibot Deployment: Pnuematic To Lineup, Pnuematic Release Surgical Tubing Slingcart
  • Minibot: Direct Drive ~1.2s contact of pole to trigger (2 Pole Style Mount)

Drive Team

  • Base Driver: Tim Entwistle (Junior)
  • Operator: Niral Patel (Junior)
  • Human Player: Matt Myles (Senior)
  • Coach: Josh Miller (Mentor)


  • 2011 Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage - Quarterfinalists (2168, 3125, 88)
  • 2011 WPI Regional - Semifinalists (2168, 3280, 236), 
  • 2011 WPI Regional - Coopertition Award
  • 2011 Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional - Quarterfinalists (2168, 2067, 126)
  • 2011 BattleCry@WPI - Semifinalists (2168, 176, 157)
  • 2011 Where is Wolcott? Invitational - Semifinalist (2168, 155, N/A)
  • 2011 Bash @ the Beach - Semifinalists (2168, 176, 2555) 
  • 2011 Bash @ the Beach - Pushing the Envelope

The Game

The 2011 Competition was LogoMotion

See our 2011 stats at The Blue Alliance




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