Competition Timeline

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble

2011 Logomotion

2010 Breakaway

2009 Lunacy

2008 Overdrive

2007 Rack N' Roll (Rookie Year)

  • UTC New England Regional           (Mar. 15-17, 2007)


Seventh Year of Fitch Robotics; Fourth Year of the Aluminum Falcons

Robot Design

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The Pheonix arose from the robot that won the WPI regional. The original design was an awesome defensive machine, but we knew that for the Championships we needed a machine that could shoot more reliably. A complete redesign of the superstructure was done between WPI regional and Connecticut regional, thanks to a collaboration with team 228, GUS robotics. The Pheonix emerged at Connecticut with a high success rate for shooting  6 points in Autonomous mode.  Produced in Solidworks, and fabricated by Hillery, sheetmetal was primarily used in the construction of the chassis and superstructure.


  • Size: 24" x 32" x 28" In Starting configuration
  • Weight: ~105bs
  • Drivetrain: 8WD 4"x 1.5" Colsons, 6 CIM Single Reduction, GT2 15mm Belt Drive, Dead Axle, Geared for ~12.5ft/s
  • Shooter: Two position, Dual Wheel (McMaster Sure-Grip Drive Rollers) 4" Static (~5.5" Dynamic) individually nested belt drive from two miniCIMs, pnuematic "pull" trigger
  • Collector: Human fed, "Bucket Brigade" hopper, 4 Disc Capacity
  • Climbing Mechanism: Pnuematically actuated Dual sided hooks, able to hang from front or rear safety

Drive Team5

  • Base Driver: Emma Stark (Sophomore)
  • Operator: Finian O' Connor (Sophomore)
  • Human Player: Jacob Kowalski (Sophomore)
  • Coach: Josh Miller (Mentor)
  • Head Scout: Shriji Amin (Senior)

CAD Designer(s): Matt Nowak (Sophomore)


  • 2013 Suffield Shakedown Scrimmage - Winners (2168, 2067, 2836)
  • 2013 WPI Regional - Winners #10 Seed, 6th Alliance Captain (2168, 3280, 3044), (15-4-0)
  • 2013 Connecticut Regional - Quarterfinalists 5th Alliance (228, 2168, 263, 3104), (8-4-0)
  • 2013 First Championships - Quarter Finalists Curie Division (103,4564,2168)
  • 2013 Connecticut State Championship - Finalist 2nd. Alliance (2168,230,2064)


The Game 

The 2013 Competition was Ultimate Ascent

See our 2013 stats at The Blue Alliance



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