Competition Timeline

2013 Ultimate Ascent

2012 Rebound Rumble

2011 Logomotion

2010 Breakaway

2009 Lunacy

2008 Overdrive

2007 Rack N' Roll (Rookie Year)

  • UTC New England Regional           (Mar. 15-17, 2007)

Eigth Year of Fitch Robotics; Fifth Year of the Aluminum Falcons 2014 robot


Robot Design 

Lance was designed as a very robust robot to meet the strong defensive challenge of the Aerial Assist challenge. The robot was designed with an open superstructure and could intake balls from the floor, from a human player, or from another robot. The catapult designed by the team could accurately shoot from a wide range, but was most effective when lining up close to the goal. As the season progressed our programmers developed an effective autonomous that was able to score two balls during said period. Lance was produced in Solidworks and fabricated by Hillery.


  • Size: 28x28 

  • Weight: ~120 pounds 

  • Drivetrain: 8WD 4"x 1.5" Colsons, 6 cim single speed 11f/s 

  • Intake: Twin rs 775 motors on vex pro planetary reductions, Banebot wheels and lateral mechanum wheels for maximum peripheral intaking 

  • Winch:Twin bag motors on vex pro planetary reductions powering a spool with built in dog shift 
  • Catapult: 3 position pneumatic pistons adjust the shot for trussing, shooting from against the 1 point goal, and long range shooting

Drive Team 

  • Base Driver: Emma Stark (Junior) 
  • Operator: Finian O'Connor (Junior) 
  • Human Player: Jacob Kowalski (Junior) 
  • Coach: Josh Miller (Mentor) 
  • Head Scout: Robert Tompkins (Junior) 
  • CAD Designer: Matt Nowak (Junior) 


  • 2014 Groton District Event: Creativity Award 
  • 2014 Groton District Event: #7 Seed, (8-6-0), Quarterfinalists (2168, 125, 5112) 
  • 2014 Rhode Island District Event: Innovation in Control Award 
  • 2014 Rhode Island District Event: #9 Seed, Finalists (1519, 2168, 5163), (13-6-0)
  • 2014 New England Championship: Innovation in Control Award 
  • 2014 New England Championship: Semifinalists (228, 2168, 3525) 
  • 2014 Connecticut State Championship: Semifinalists (176, 2168, 3182) 
  • 2014 WPI Battlecry 15: Victors (4048, 2168, 3719) 


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