May 21, 2012

The Fitch Robotics team, the Aluminum Falcons, broke their “semi-final” curse and emerged victorious at the 13th annual BattleCry@WPI robotics competition on Saturday.

The event, hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute, has become the most competitive “post-season” robotics event in the region.

"We had a chip on our shoulder going up to Worcester, I have to admit," Coach Brian Chidley said. "We had such a good team this year, and 12 seniors are graduating. This was their robot and they deserved to see it win at an event like this." 

For the past two years, the Aluminum Falcons have persistently been ousted from nearly each major competition in the semi-finals. Earlier this year, their alliance partner in the Connecticut Regional FIRST Robotics Competition “bricked” (failed to move at all) in two of the three semi-final games.

The same fate had hit them in the New York City Regional Competition two weeks earlier, and even though the Falcons had ranked #1 in both of those events. They had to ride home without a trophy.

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