altIn the spirit of FIRST and Coopertition, this build season was truly unique for the Aluminum Falcons. Normally rivals, Fitch and New London High School collaborated for the Rebound Rumble season. Similar to what the FIRST Team 236 Techo Ticks did for us years ago we did for rookie FIRST Team 3719 STEM Whalers this year. For the last six weeks we mentored the STEM Whalers and even assisted them in building and coding their robot.

Reigning from New London's Technology Magnet School and St. Thomas More, FIRST Team 3719 was formed last year. They are led by engineering education teacher, Michael Brennan, who was inspired to start a FIRST team after being involved with the U.S. Coast Guard's team.


Read more about the Whalers here.


Built through mainly the tireless effort of the Whalers, "Baby Swan" was born right before the build season ended. Primarily a bottom-hoop shooter, this robot's small chassis could serve as a valuable alliance partner, helping secure three robots on the bridge. It was no longer the "swan that could" but the "swan that did".

This experience was truly invaluable for the Aluminum Falcons and signals a new period for Fitch Robotics, from rookie to a promising veteran team.

"FIRST Team 2168 has personally enjoyed working with 3719 and wishes the best for the STEM Whalers in the incoming competition season"

Here's a video of our combination move we personally call the "A-Bomb"



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