On December 7th, the Aluminum Falcons held their 4th annual Pancake Breakfast/Basket Bonaza at the Union Baptist Church in Mystic, CT. The team set up the previous night at 6:30, arranging the tables and preparing the baskets for the following day's auction. Although the event did not begin until 8 A.M. the students arrived at the church an hour early to make preparation for the Big Event. Immediately after the doors were opened, the Church's cafeteria was filled with hungry supporters. The team all provided their talents, participating in cooking, face painting, outside advertisement, ticket collection, and full team cleanup throughout the event. While the event was a fundraiser it also provided the team a chance to demonstrate their STEM talents to the community and teach them more about FIRST Robotics. The team also eclipsed previous fundraising records from the past pancake breakfasts.



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