On May 14, 2011 the Aluminum Falcons ran a demonstration at the Groton Public Library as part of their Star Wars celebration:

"Aluminum the millennium from Robot Chicken...moving on" - Brian Chidley

In addition to a full run through an explanation of FIRST, this year's game, our robot, and of course sponsorship appreciation, the team played a demonstration game using a home-built scoring rack, demonstrated the robot's 2-speed transmission with some drag racing, and even got to tour the children's section with the robot. Talyn even got up close and personal with the library's tallest resident, the giraffe.

In addition to this, we really struck a chord with the children, of which there were many. The Star Wars theme that attracted them to the library also ensured that any takers would be interested in technology, and indeed they were very interested to see the robot. It's safe to say the team will have some new members in six year's time. Their parents were also interested in asking us about some of the more technical aspects of the machine.


Finally, next to taking some quite frankly epic pictures, the children also helped us with a physics demo, showing that high gear means high speed, while low gear means high strength.


The team visited the S.B. Butler Elementary School as part of the Science and Math Night on 5/4/2011.

A number of interactive demonstrations were set up for students, staff and family to explore. The team brought our 2011 robot to introduce the elementary students to engineering and robotics.


This Saturday on April 30th, 2011 members of the team got together in Waterford to provide some much needed muscle. With less than a weeks notice, the crew was assembled through the team's Facebook group. This was our first community service event and was a great success.

A local family of a fallen service member recently purchased a new home, and the house is in need of extensive rehabilitation. Work has begun with the goal of the family moving into their new home early this summer.

We were put to work with the task of removing the ceiling and walls in a number of rooms. The house was built in the year 1900. We made quick work of breaking through the plaster and lath construction. In about four hours we made it through about 4 rooms and hauled enough debris out of the home to fill a trailer sized dumpster. It was hard dusty work, but everyone was happy to help.






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