This was our first visit to WPI as a team.

The game in 2009 was lunacy, our entrant into the competition was our Gyrobot.

We were rough around the edges, and the robot left with some battle wounds, but we made it to the Final round and left with a Runners Up trophy.



On March 26th, 2009 the Fitch Cyber Falcons competed in the Northeastern Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional in Hartford. Including returning student leader Anthony Tadros there were very few students and the majority of our mentors were new. This year was the first year used a new control system, the NI cRIO. During the Build Season with assistance from FIRST Team 236 the Techno Ticks we spent a large portion of our time prototyping our Gyro mechanism, intending to give us a maneuverability advantage. The drawback however, with our time invested on this aspect of the robot we were unable to focus on other offensive aspects of the game this year. We played defensively throughout our qualifiation rounds. Although we did not make it to eliminations, the experience we recieved will help us grow as a team.

"Even though, we didn't know how to achieve success yet, we understood what it looked like and what the future of the team potentially could be. It ultimately took another two years, dedicated mentors, parents, and students to get us there, but I think we've done it"- James Corcoran, Lead Programming Mentor (2012 Competition Season) 






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