On November 16th, 2011, the Aluminum Falcons visited their Aluminum sponsor's, Applied Physical Sciences. While there, a presentation on FIRST and Fitch Robotics was given to APS's employees by Crew Captains: (left to right) Zoe Yopp, Zack Nado, Tim Entwistle, Niral Patel and third-year team veteran Srini Srirangam. 

Zoe, Zack, and Tim

Niral and Srini

Some of the points that the Falcons covered in their presentation were: how FIRST was started, what is FRC, and the progress that the team had made during the 2011 Logomotion season. Shortly after, a test demonstration of the robot and a question segment was conducted outside in the main lobby. The employees were in awe of Talyn as the team answered coolly and collectively questions about the machine's mechanics. The APS employees including the company's President were extremely impressed by the student Falcons maturity, composure and gracious professionalism.



"I was very impressed by everything you guys presented. You guys did a fine job it was well done and well thought out. And as far as the engineering and the construction of the actual robot I was impressed by that."-Russ Rekos, APS Manufacturing Manager





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