checkfrommayorOn November 22nd, the Fitch Robotics Team was visited by the Groton Utilities Representative, Rich de Lorenze and the Mayor of Groton, Marian Galbraith. At this event, the team was presented a check for a 1000 dollars initiating Groton Utilities and Thames Valley Communications as the Aluminum Falcon's newest Platinum sponsors. Special mentions were also made to rookie member Aileene Duyan for her efforts in reaching out to them at the Groton Family Festival a month earlier.

Shortly after select members of the team posed with the mayor and a team photos was taken with all of those who were present. Groton Utilities representative and the mayor graciously spoke to the team on the importance of education, and the impact that FIRST can have on our lives. No visit; however is complete without a guest appearance from Talyn. Test-driving the robot for herself, the Mayor added another job to her resume as an honorary Aluminum Falcon. The Falcons are grateful to have the mayor attend this event and Groton Utilities to provide their support. Although, the game has not been revealed yet, Fitch Robotics' season is already off to great start.

"Live within the moment. Understand what you are doing. Don't just get through the day. At the end of every day look back and say what did I do today? Did I make a difference today? Did I learn something new today. Did I help somebody today? And I think this what you folks are doing. That's why you guys are involved" - Rich de Lorenze/Groton Utilities (Thames Valley Communciations)

"It's also about the future because the things you are learning and doing here have a lot to do with your future. But the skills you are using are going to improve the future for all of us"- Marian Galbraith/Mayor of Groton.



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