On Novemeber 8th and 10th, the Aluminum Falcons held their first ever Mock Kickoff. In a two-part meeting, new team members were introduced to the brainstorming process that happens after the real Kickoff. This opportunity also gave returning members a chance to refine their analytical and critical thinking skills while discussing robot strategy. 2006's Aim High was used to provide the entire team with a challenge they were all unfamiliar with. After watching a condensed version of 2006's Kickoff, the team seperated into five groups to discuss strategy. After deliberating, the team reconvened to present each of their group's ideas. Picking out and assessing each point of strategy, the team collectively decided on the best design to implement the team's decision. Although this was only a practice, this entire experience was invaluable to FIRST Team 2168. With the Kickoff less than two months away, the Aluminum Falcons are more than ready to take on what 2012's game has to bring. 

"Mock kickoff = success. I hope you all enjoyed it and learned some stuff"-Justin Foss (Lead Mechanical Mentor)

"Nice job also to every student that participated — you were the most dedicated and focused group I've seen. Keep that up and we will do some amazing things year. FOOTBALL!"-Joshua Miller (Drive Team Coach)



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