The first ever Connecticut State Robotics Championship was held at the Hartford Armory on Saturday 11th May 2013.

We went along knowing from our performances this season that if the robot and drive team performed to their potential, then we would be one of the top teams at the competition. The team performed at the highest level all day. After being unbeaten through the qualification rounds, the team entered the elimination rounds as second seed. We successfully negotiated the quarter finals, and moved on to the semi-finals. Both semi finals in the competition were a great demonstration of how exciting this competition can be. In the first semi-final the top seeded alliance, which included our design partners team 228 GUS, were eliminated by the 5th seeds in the third match which was as hard fought as robotics can get.

Our alliance lost the first semi-final but then regained our form to narrowly win the next two matches and move on into the final. Unfortunately technical problems for our alliance partners meant that the final was not as competitive as the semi finals and in the second match, an amazing length of the field shooting performance by the Bobcats, team 177, took the championship away from us.

It was another day to be proud of how far this team has come over the last 3 years.

mainAmong a field of 42 teams from New York, New England--and even one from Old England--a field that included three prior world champion teams, the Fitch Robotics team took their sixth-seeded alliance through a series of upsets from the quarter-finals all the way to the 3rd-game in the best of 3 finals to win the WPI Regional FIRST Robotics competition.

This video will explain this year's game:


In short, the robots had to be designed to shoot Frisbees into various goals valued at 1 to 5 points depending on their difficulty. During a competition match, a "red" alliance of three teams competes against a "blue" alliance. Alliances are randomly assigned during qualification matches and are given seeding points according to their success. Subsequently, the top eight robots select the alliance partners they will have during the final elimination rounds.

It was an "Epic Tale," winning this event.  

On the Thursday "set-up" day, the team found out that, at 123 lbs, the robot was 3 pounds overweight. The next few hours were tense as the team tried to figure out how to “lighten up” an already pared-down robot.


In 2013 the Fitch Aluminum Falcons will have a busy competition season.

The Suffield Shakedonw pre-season scrimmage is February 19 [breaking news: we won for the second straight year]

The WPI Regional  FIRST Robotics Competition will take place on March 8 & 9 (Friday and Saturday)

The Connecticut Regional FIRST Robotics Competiion will be on March 29 & 30 and the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford.

If qualified, the Championships will be  April 24--27, in St, Louis.

The Connecticut FIRST Robotics Championships will be May 11, in Hartford.

We also hope to attend the BattleCry@WPI at the end of May (date TBA)

The Beantown Blitz is on the radar for early June, hosted by our good friends, team 125, the NU-TRONS out of Northeastern University



For the second successive year, the Aluminum Falcons won the Suffield Shakedown. This pre-season competition gives teams a chance to test their new season's robot under game conditions for the first time. Our robot was short of some of its competition capabilities, but with the drive train running to full effect, we were able to demonstrate that this year's chassis will allow us to have a competitive robot. We played defence for this competition, and the speed and maneuverability of our robot allowed to us be a successful defender.



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