The Aluminum Falcons are proud to share tutorials on many aspects of successfully engineering a robot for competition. Tutorials can be found in the  resources sections under mechanical, electrical, programming and scouting sections.

New for this season include:

Setting up your development environment


Running a pre-season mock Kick off

Mock Kick-off

and 2013 Scoring Strategy

2013 Ultimate Ascent


We hope you find these useful, and look back to our website in the close season for new helpful tutorial support.

Our Scouting APP, FRC Scout, is available for all teams to download. See how by following this link

FRC Scout

The App was entirely developed by a student member of the Aluminum Falcons, Team 2168.

Good luck using it at competition!

The win at WPI

 WPI winners

came from a combination of a great defensive robot and superb driving skills.

The shooting mechanism for the robot fires frisbees through slots to score points. Our shooting mechanism at WPI was not as effective as some of the other teams, so between the two competitions, the shooter mechanism was completely redesigned.

The Phoenix rises at Connecticut Regional

At the Connecticut Regional at Hartford Convention Center, our improved robot, The Phoenix, became a powerful scoring machine. We qualified in the 6th place with 6 wins out of 8 matches, and formed an alliance for the elimination rounds with our design partners, Team 228 Gus Robotics from Meriden.

In the first quarter final , the opposition alliance included Team 236, The Techno Ticks from Old Lyme. The Ticks managed a superb 30 point climb up the tower at the end of the heat, and their alliance won the match. In the second match, our alliance fought back, and won decisively, scoring an excellent 139 points. We repeated that score in the third match, with The Phoenix scoring a personal best 61 points. This would have been a winning score, except that a member of our alliance was adjudged to have committed a technical foul. This gave a 50 point bonus to the opposition alliance which was enough to allow them to win the match.

View from the robot

A disappointing finish to another great performance from our team, but we now advance to the World Championships in St. Louis knowing that we have a robot that is ready to compete at the higest level.

The team arrived in St. Louis as Champoinship rookies, not knowing what to expect. The team was in the Curie division, and we knew that the competition would reach another level compared to the regional championships in which we had performed so well.

We are proud to say that our robot competed effectively with the best. A great performance through the elimination rounds saw us finish with a creditable 5-3 result, securing 38th place out of the 100 competing teams. This placing was not good enough to ensure entry to the elimination rounds, but our robot's strengths were recognised, and we got selected to join the 8th seeded alliance in the quarter finals. Up against the top seeds, we fought bravely but lost out, coming home proud of a great achievement at our first championships.



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