The 2015 FRC game is called Recycle Rush. It is played by two alliances of three teams that are separated into red and blue sides by a large “step” in the middle of the 27’x54’ field. On each side of the field there are two scoring platforms. During the 15 second autonomous period robots use preprogrammed instructions to move themselves, yellow totes, and containers into the “auto zone” for varying numbers of points. During the 2 minute 15 second teleoperated period alliances score points by making stacks of gray totes (up to 6 high), capping the stacks with recycling bins, and placing pool noodles in the bins. Each tote is worth two points, each noodle (litter) is 6 points, and a container is worth four points per level. So if there is stack of four and a bin is placed on top the bin is worth 4x4=16 points. Human players can attempt to throw the noodles onto the other side of the field for four points each. Alliances may also stack yellow totes on the step in conjunction with the other alliance for an additional 40 points. Team performance is based on average score, not wins and losses, because there is no defense. With the exception of the finals of the playoffs, only teams with strong average scores will advance.



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