11133862 1632457783650299 4867715414666127325 nFrom March 20-22 the Aluminum Falcons competed at their second competition of the year at the Rhode Island District Event at Bryant University. The team came into the competition with an upgraded design for the tote intake mechanism, and was confident they could utilize this improvement to become a more effective stacking robot at the competition.

The entire competition field saw scores much higher than the first few weeks of competition, and in their first match the Falcons scored 140 points, higher than the high score at their previous competition. Team 2168 worked to improve their scoring capacity throughout the one and a half days of qualification matches, often focusing on securing the 40 point coopertition bonus with the other alliance. With an improved intake system the Falcons constantly ranked near the top and finished qualification matches ranked fourth.

During alliance selection the Falcons moved up into the #3 picking position and selected Team 1517 The Lumberjacks and Team 1757 Wolverines to be their alliance partners. Both teams were strong stackers, but the Aluminum Falcons could not successfully cap them with recycling bins. This led to an early exit from the Playoffs in the quarterfinals. The Falcons didn’t go home empty handed though. Long time mentor Kevin Harrilal was selected as a Woodie Flowers Award Semifinalist at the event. The award recognizes mentors who lead, inspire, and empower using excellent communication skills. As a District event winner Kevin will be eligible to be a Woodie Flowers Award recipient at the District Championship in Worcester. This award is a testament to Kevin's dedication and hard work as the team's longest serving member and we couldn't be happier for him.

With their performance in both of their district events Team 2168 qualified to compete in the New England District Championship at WPI. The entire team is excited to have this opportunity to compete with best teams in New England.



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