2016 article

          After WPI, we went straight to work, countless hours of fixing parts of the robot, like the intake to make it lighter with a hex plate, modifing our shooter to make high goals, and revising our data on our vision camera for the robot. After revising the robot over the course of 2 weeks, the Aluminum Falcons were finally ready to enter the Hartford event. With hardwork, determination, and our teammates we everything was going great. We had a rough start in our qualification with the bad match ups, but eventually we used our scouting papers to formulate strategies. Scouting gave us a big advantage when strategizing, as we could converse with our friendly teammates before the qualifier match started. During each match, we revised our strategies and kept the heat on the other team, pushing for a win. We had close calls as the timer ticked down on us. Our close calls would pay off because every point counts. Qualifiers showed us our flaws, but our flaws were nothing to us. We continuously fixed our problems and made our robot better, but sometimes our problems required replacements, like our hexplate intake. We severly dented our hexplate, and had to go back to our generation II intake.and after qualifiers we made it into the elimination rounds. Our team comprised of 177, Bobcat Robotics and 155, The Technonuts. The elimination rounds were tough because our teammates weren't as great as we had hoped, but we made it to the semi-finals, yet we lost just before the finals. Our top problem in the semi-finals was the robot's intake breaking. Without our intake we couldn't make our high goal shots, and we worked around it by playing defense, but we were unsuccessful. However, with our ranking points we made it into the New England District Championship.



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