The Quarter Finals matches between the #1 seeded alliance (78, 40, 1027) and the #8 seeded alliance (176, 2168, 157)

Thanks Buzz (Team 175) for lending us their minibot!


Playing D at WPI Regional 2011


During the 2011 WPI Regional event Team 2168 (The Aluminum Falcons - Groton, CT) and Team 236 (The Techno Ticks - Lyme, Old Lyme, CT) ended up on the same alliance in the finals. They worked together to get 2168's minibot onto 236's deployment mechanism. The results look promising.


FIRST Robotics Competition 2011 - Logomotion. FIRST Team 2168 (The Aluminum Falcons - Groton, CT) at the WPI regional event. This is the 2nd semi-final match. 2168 proved itself as a defensive asset in earlier rounds. The alliance's strategy changed, moving 2168 from a defensive to offensive position on the field. We held our own.

FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2168 (Aluminum Falcons) from Groton, CT play 4/1/2011 scoring the winning points at the buzzer. 237, 2064, 2168 VS 571, 743, 178.


First Robotics Competition Team 2168 (Aluminum Falcons) from Groton, CT play during practice matches on 3/31/11 at the Hartford regional competition.


Chairman's Award video for the 2011 season.


Development, testing and operation of FIRST Team 2168s 2011 FRC robot


A video documenting the efforts of Team 2168 during the 2009 FIRST Robotics Competition. Our teams goal was to improve our robots maneuverability on the field by installing a gyro. Implementing this feature required numerous prototypes in an effort to improve the performance of the design. Ultimately a simple flywheel with single axis tilt control was used.




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