What Is FIRST?

FIRST, which stands for “For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology,” is a nonprofit organization designed to inspire students in science and technology. Click on the logo to learn more.    


What is FIRST

Who We Are

The Aluminum Falcons are a team of dedicated students from Fitch High School in Groton, CT who make an impact in their community with the support of their teachers and mentors from local engineering companies. Click the image below to learn more.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate interest, understanding, and skill in the fields of engineering and technology. We are determined to promote STEM as a fun and engaging pathway to a brighter future. Click on the image below to learn more.


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Get Involved

It takes students, teachers, parents, and mentors of all backgrounds and professions to make a solid team. With over $14 million in scholarships open to student team members, it pays to be involved. Click on the image below to learn more.


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Check Out Our School

Robert E. Fitch High School, located in Groton, CT, USA is the home of FIRST Robotics Competition Team 2168, the Aluminum Falcons. We are happy to say our school is ranked among the top in the country and we are honored to contribute to its continued success. Please take some time to check out our school's website by clicking on our school's crest below.

Fitch High School

Newsweek 2010





triple balanceOn March 29th-31st, 2012 the Aluminum Falcons competed in the third annual Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional. Learning from the lessons that were taught in New York City and equipped with new hardware, the Falcons were ready to take on one of FRC's most competitive regionals. There were many tough competitors from 177 Bobcat Robotics to 195 Cyberknights but, FIRST Team 2168 came out on top once again.

Ranking as the number one seed, they were joined by 2791 Shaker Robotics from Latham, NY and the number two seed 118 Robonauts from League City, TX in the eliminations. Attached with a new stinger, our alliance was not only able to score in the mid 80s but also triple balance within the 30 second end game. In the semifinals, the unexpected happened again with our alliance robot 118 remaining dead for two matches along with other robots that fought on the red alliance during the semifinals. Asserting that the field was not the issue by the FTA, the Aluminum Falcon nearly achieved another win until a split-second single robot balance ended the match in the opponent's favor. 118 could not move again in the third match of the semifinals ending the regional for the members of our alliance. We left the competition with a record of (10-3-0).

This was an exciting, but also heartbreaking competition for the entire team. Faced against the odds we still built a competitive robot that placed us not only once but twice as the number one seed. Although, misfortune struck us in both our regionals this year, this by far is no end to the Aluminum Falcons rise. Now that our offseason has officially begun we can now look to the future and only improve on the amazing dynamic our team possesses. We'll be competing at WPI Battlecry 13 and Beantown Blitz in the next several weeks. 


"During eliminations, there is nothing more the drive team could have done. We were at the top of our game. With clear eyes and with joy in my heart, I can promise you when I tell you we gave it our all. It has been an extraordinary journey and an immense pleasure standing behind the glass driving the heck out of Talyn and the Fat Swan with these guys by my side"- Niral Patel (Drive Team Captain/Base Operator)

"You guys were absolutely awesome at NY and were robbed of a chance to play your alliance's full game in the elims, for the same thing to happen in CT is abosluetly heartbreaking. You guys are without a doubt one of the best teams who aren't going to be at championship. 2168 is going to be a team to watch rise up into the top tier of team's over the next year or two. Your robot was great but the way you guys run your team is even better. Also thank you again for your advice at the end of NY, it really helped us come alive at CT"- Joe Blay (FRC Team 694 Stuypulse Coach)

"FIRST is so much bigger than winning a regional, its about networking and building a family, and learning together to solve problems. We have done that, and were only growing every season for the better... A lot of great teams have us on their radar now! Lets keep taking FIRST by surprise" - Kevin Harrilal (Lead Control Systems Mentor)




Welcome To Our Website

  • Innovation: Team accepting the Innovation in Control Award at NYC Regional
  •  Drive Coach and Student Robot Drivers discuss strategy pre-match.
  • WPI 2013: Accepting our first regional title.
  • The Aluminum Falcons: Climbing to new heights!
  • WPI 2013: Playing tough defense.
  • WPI 2013: Accepting our first regional title.
  • WPI 2013: Let the force be with you.
  • The Aluminum Falcons: Inspiring the engineers of tomorrow, today!
  • Winners of the 2013 WPI regional event.


Welcome to the official website of the Aluminum Falcons, a FIRST robotics team composed of students and teachers from Robert E. Fitch High School, engineers from General Dynamics Electric Boat and professionals from other local companies in Groton, CT. Each year through the FIRST Robotics Competition, volunteer engineers, high school students, and members from the community partner together to build a robot in a time period of six weeks. Through this building process, engineers mentor students in brainstorming, prototyping, design, and creation of the robot and its functions. This enables the students to take classroom concepts from the math and science fields and apply them to a real world situation. Please explore our website to learn more about the team.

Aluminum Partner Sponsors of the 2017 Season



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Week Zero

Suffield Shakedown

Suffield High School

February 20






New England District Championship


April 5, 6, 7 & 8, 2017

Whitmore Arena, University of New Hampshire

The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship of Pfizer

Week 2

SouthEast Massachusetts District Event

March 10, 11 & 12, 2017

Bridgewater-Raynham High School

The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship of Hubble Inc.


World Championship

April 26, 27, 28, & 29 2017

Edward Jones Dome St. Louis, MO

Pending qualification, The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship of DoDSTEM

Week 3

Bridgewater-Raritan District Event

March 17, 18, & 19, 2017

Bridgewater, NJ

The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship of Google




CIAC Connecticut State Championship

Early March, 2017

Date and Location TBA

The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship from Groton Education Foundation

Week 4

Rhode Island District Event

March 24, 25 & 26

Bryant University

The Aluminum Falcons are attending this event thanks to the sponsorship of Groton Utilities



BattleCry @WPI

Harrington Auditorium

Worcester Polytechnic Institution

Date TBA



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