What We Value

Here at Fitch Robotics our team members are encouraged to operate on a set of values. When these values are enacted, a team can make a positive impact on not just each other but within their local community as well as the FIRST community.  While our members might be at different stages in practicing these values our determination to become these values remains the same. We are FIRST Team 2168 the Aluminum Falcons and we encourage you to have:



Committed to excellence



Respectful of others



Selfless towards a common goal


Quality Results

Strive to produce the best


Student Focus

Empower the students to be successful



Inspire students to leadership



Realize we are equals






     The Aluminum Falcons' mission is to cultivate interest, understanding and skill in the fields of engineering and technology. We strive to foster cognitive development in students through team membership, community outreach, project management, critical thinking and unique experiences. We seek to encourage creativity of thought, perseverance in the face of obstacles and compromise as individuals who are part of a team. The Aluminum Falcons are determined to inspire interested students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and promote STEM as a fun and engaging pathway to a brighter future.


     Our vision is to become a central example for students, their families, community professionals, local businesses and our entire school district. 

Our Aspirations

      While "Gracious Professionalism", a motto of FIRST, is what we expect from our team members, our team brand goes beyond this and positions us for well into the future in our local community as well as the FIRST community. While our strategic imperatives may shift from year-to-year, our team brand remains constant.


Our Impact Vision




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