Supporting Others

The purpose of this page is to provide other teams with a list of companies and websites that they may find helpful throughout the process of building a FIRST robot. If you know of resources we currently don't have listed, please let us know. Thank you.

Helpful Links

  • AndyMark is an official supplier to the FIRST Kit of Parts and stocks many wheels and gearbox options
  • SDP-SI provides quality gears, bearings, pulleys, and other mechanical parts
  • BaneBots is a competition robotics parts supplier that provides several FRC Kit parts
  • Team 221 sells performance robotics drive systems
  • Robot MarketPlace is a competition robotics parts supplier including Colson Wheels
  • Browning Gears is a Gear supplier
  • Martin Sprocket & Gears sells Power transmission products
  • Boston Gear is a Precision gear manufacturer
  • Gates sells Belts and pulleys, FIRST team may order some free products
  • Digi-Key is an electronic component wholesaler
  • AndyMark is a retailer tied to FIRST and sells many of the KOP items
  • Hansen Hobbies sells everything you need to make your own PWM cables
  • Pololu has a great supply of a wide range of sensors
  • DorkbotPDX PCB Order is an inexpensive way to get professional custom circuit boards manufactured
  • Monoprice sells pretty much everything you need to make CAN cables at unbeatable prices
  • VEXpro (formally IFI Robotics) is the official supplier of Victor Speed Controllers and Spikes
  • Anderson Power sells Quick connect electronics terminals
  • Bimba is a supplier for storage tanks and actuators, you get 3 Free Actuators from them per year
  • Clippard sells pneumatics supplies, tanks and actuators
  • Festo is a large supplied of pneumatic tanks, actuators, valves, solenoids
  • SMC Corporation is another large pneumatics manufacturer
  • Pneuaire is the supplier of the amazing plastic pneumatics tanks as well as other pneumatic supplies
  • McMaster-Carr offer a large collection of mechanical, electrical, and utility hardware not usually located from a single source and specialize in next day delivery
  • Motion Industries is a distributor of industrial MRO parts
  • MSC Industrial Supply is one of the largest industrial equipment distributors in the world
  • Harbor Freight sell low cost tools and equipment
  • Chief Delphiis the premier web forum for all things FIRST robotics
  • EWCPcast is a group of FIRSTers who "get it". Webcasts on all things FIRST. Subscribe through iTunes or RSS!
  • NEFIRST is the support site for all things FIRST in Connecticut
  • NEMO(Non-Engineering Mentor Organization) is a support group and information exchange for those adult non-engineering mentors who help teams as part of the FIRST robotics programs





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