Team Organization

No entity whether team or business can successfully execute without organization. The basis for any measure of success is predicated upon each individual on a team knowing their role and knowing how to execute their role properly. Secondly each person in their role will need tools and resources properly organized and accessible to make successful contributions within their group locally and to the team globally.


FIRST Team 2168 believes in having the most amount of organization possible. This page contains documents contributing to the organization of our team and as well as other teams. Please make use of these documents where they are applicable to your team. Enjoy! 

Welcome to the Team

  • Overview of FIRST and FRC team 2168

Wondering what FIRST is about and how it started? Or wondering what its like to be on FRC team 2168? Download this presentation to find out. Additionally if you are an existing FRC team and are looking for a template for your own "About FIRST and our team" presentation please feel free to download this presentation and modify to your needs. 

Welcome to the Aluminum Falcons (pptx) (pdf)


Team Structure

  • FIRST 2168 Team Structure for student membership

       Starting a new team or reorganizing an existing team and you wish to set up a team structure? This document outlines FIRST Team 2168's approach to student team  

Student Team Membership (pdf)


Preparing a Competitive Drive Team

  • FIRST 2168 Team Philosphy and Process for establishing a competitive drive team

Frustrated with your results on the competition field, looking for ways to improve your current process with your drive team, or a new team and have no clue where to start? The Aluminum Falcons present their philosophy and process to preparing a competitive drive team for the FIRST FRC competition.

Preparing a Competitive Drive Team (pdf)


Drive Team Training 

  • FIRST Team 2168 Driver Training Manual

This first installment in a two part drive team document briefly covers how FIRST Team 2168 prepares their drive team for competition. The techniques outlined and used in this document have been used to shape and mold some top notch drivers. Enjoy!

Team 2168 Driver Training Manual (Part I) (pdf)


Woodie Flowers Essay Process

  • Team 2168 Woodie Flowers Essay Process

This is a document comprised of processes, forms, and pervious essays that will help the students write the Woodie Flower Award essay for the selected mentor on tehteam. The information in this document is a combination of 2168's process, and other FRC teams work and shared resources.

Team 2168 Woodie Flowers Award Process Overview (pdf)


Business Plans

  • FIRST Entrepeneurship Award Criteria

This is a two page document describing how a FRC team's business plan should be layed out in order to qulaify for the entrepeneurship award.

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers Entrepeneurship Award Criteria (pdf)



  • FIRST Team 234

This is the business plan of FRC Team 234, Cyber Blue. Any questions regarding Cyber Blue's business plan should be directed to FIRST Team 234 (here).

Team 234 Cyber Blue Business Plan (pdf)


  • FIRST Team 245

This is the business plan of FRC Team 245, Adam Bots. Any questions regarding Adam Bot's business plan should be directed to FIRST Team 245 (here).

Team 245 Adam Bots Business Plan (pdf)

Presentations for FIRST  Robotics

  • Part I (Strategy for the Win)

FRC 2168 provides a a brief set of slides used in 2168's Fall marketing workshops to prepare our students with basic strategies to prepare themselves to provide winning presentations to FIRST judges.

 Marketing  Workshop (Strategy for the Win) (pptx)


  • Part II (Design to Sell)

FRC 2168 provides a a brief set of slides used in 2168's Fall marketing workshops to provide our students with slide design techniques to prepare to provide winning  presentations that sell our presentation message to FIRST judges.

         Marketing  Workshop (Design to Sell) (pptx)


  • Part III (Coming Soon)

FRC 2168 provides a a brief set of slides used in 2168's Fall marketing workshops to provide our students with preparation methods, topic outline and flow, and execution for suubmission for FIRST awards.




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