Programming Support

This area contains resources related to programming. In some cases topics are programming language dependant.

This page is to support both our team, as well as others, with programming guides and resources. A lot of knowledge is available across the web and we hope to collect what we find useful here. If you have a reference we should add, please feel free to contact us!

Programming Resources

javaIn this presentation we begin our journey into programming the robot using the Java programming language.

The focus is to establish a good foundation for further use of FRC Java. We introduce the concept of Objects and Classes and begin to identify Java syntax. Further tutorials will introduce WPILib and using Java for FRC.

javaThis tutorial continues our introduction to programming in Java with a deeper dive into Java's syntax and flow control features.

eclipseThis tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up Eclipse and the necessary tools to get started programming your robot in Java. 

javadocThis tutorial introduces the Javadoc documentation distributed as part of the FRC Java plugins. Understanding how to use the documentation properly is critical for successful programming.

java codeIn the previous tutorials we've gone over the basics of the Java language and the documentation provided out of the box through the Javadocs, but we haven't even skimmed the surface yet. In this tutorial we go over the basics of getting started using Java to program for the FIRST Robotics Competition. This is the "Hello World" of FRC Java robot projects!

crio iiIn this guide we walk through all the steps necessary to set up your computer and configure the cRIO for the 2013 season. This guide does not require that you have the FIRST provided DVDs to set up your computer.

pidIn this tutorial we show you how to model, implement, and tune a PID controller using Matlab and Simulink. These methods require no Control Theory background and produce a very accurate controller without using the Guess and Check Method!

java codeIn this guide we give a brief overview of the Command Based Robot Project found in the Java WPILib.

dashboardIn this guide we document how to create a custom dashboard interface using SmartDashboard.

CANIn this presentation we cover the new features of the Jaguar firmware for the 2012 season.



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