Scouting / Strategy Resources

This section of articles contains resources for scouting and strategy.

Team 2168 attempts to determine the scoring and margins and goals necescary to win a regional via a process of scoring analysis. By assuming robot speeds and generic capabilities, this allows us to apply a time based analysis of the new game and determine a variation of scoring potentials.


2013 Scoring Analysis Presentation















Team (2168) 2013 Scoring Analysis (pptx)

This presentation outlines scouting techniques for new scouts in the 2012 FIRST game Rebound Rumble.


Scouting PP Cover
















Download The Presentation: (ppt) (pdf)

Mentors Justin and Josh present their guide to Scouting and Strategy at the CTFIRST University Day 2011 at Central Connecticut State University.

This presentation covers the following topics:

In Season Strategy

  • Kickoff Strategy
  • Build Season Strategy
  • Competition Strategy
  • Pre-Match Strategy
  • Post Match Strategy


  • Importance
  • Scouting System
  • Match Scouting
  • Pit Scouting
  • Alliance Selection















Download the presentation: (ppt) (pdf)

Thanks to David Kaplan of FRC3464 Sim-City for Recording.


FRC Scout is an award winning application that runs on the Android OS. It is a modular/configurable scouting tool which allows teams to define a customized set of data to collect at competitions. Multiple users can collect and store data to a centralized database from their Android phones. Data can be sorted and queried in a number of ways to allow teams to identify their pick lists for alliance selections. This application was completely developed by one of our team's programming students and has been used by approximately 500 teams this season!



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