FRC Scout is an award winning application that runs on the Android OS. It is a modular/configurable scouting tool which allows teams to define a customized set of data to collect at competitions. Multiple users can collect and store data to a centralized database from their Android phones. Data can be sorted and queried in a number of ways to allow teams to identify their pick lists for alliance selections. This application was completely developed by one of our team's programming students and has been used by approximately 500 teams this season!


Basic operations followed by system explanation.

You may click the FRC Scout text at the top of the screen to return to the Home Screen at any time.

Signing up
go to and sign your team up

Join a team you signed up as
Home Screen > click the team number under 'My team number...' and enter your team number and password you signed up with

How to add a team
Home Screen > Add Team
Home Screen > click text under 'Current competition' and select from the list that pops up

How to view a team
Home Screen > View Teams > click a team from the list (you may type to search for one)
Home Scrren > View Matches > select a match > under a match there is a 'View Team.' button

Viewing a team
Options Grid – the grid of options at the top of the screen, scroll from side to side to view the Total, Average, Largest/Most, and Smallest/Least value for each option; these figures are recalculated every time a user enters data on said option.

Click the 'Add new value.' grey rectangle in the grid to add a new value for the option – the value is automatically added to the latest match created

Team name text field – simply a text field that will record whatever is typed in it, specifically for the team name

View team graphs button – this will take you to a screen where each numeric option for the team is graphed against the average for all teams over time (if options do not show up or are all zero values it is because they do not have enough data points to be graphed yet)

Team notes text field – a text field for general notes on the team

Take Picture button – this will launch your preferred camera app so that you may take a picture for that team that will be linked with them

How to rank teams
Home Screen > 'Rank Teams' > select an option to rank by and if you want it to be in ascending or descending order

How to predict a match
Home Screen > 'Predict a Match' > select the six teams you want and click the 'Predict!' button

How to view a match
Home Screen > 'View matches' > select a match from the grid

Viewing a match
To pull up more details associated with that match for a particular team, click their name.
View team button – this button will take you to the 'View team' screen for that team (see Viewing a team earlier in this guide)

Adding a match
Home Screen > 'View matches' > wait for it to load, click the 'Add match' button at the top left of the screen > select the six teams you want > click 'Add Match' at the bottom left of the screen

System Summary/In depth guide

The entire premise is that at a FIRST robotics competition, you will want to 'scout' out other teams, figuring out their strengths and weaknesses, what they can and can not do, so that when it comes down to picking your team mates or having them oppose you know what to do. This app system allows teams to do that from your Android phones (I am also making progress with a computer based client for the system, for laptops in the stands.) A team goes to the web page, and signs up your team for the system. Several championship winning teams have signed up! Then your team downloads the app and signs in to your team.

One of the key elements to the system however is its flexibility. It was designed from the ground up so that users could add any options they wanted; an option is classified as something that a user would want to scout teams on, such as Speed, Weight, Style, Score, etc. There are two different types of options that the user can make: Numeric and Predefined. A numeric option would be something like a score or speed where it is just a number, but a predefined option allows you even more openness, letting you define a list of options to choose from when entering a data point for said option. You can play around with these under the 'Add Option' button on the home screen of the app.
Another thing you can do after signing up is add teams to your profile, teams that they will be scouting at a competition. You can either manually add a team (Add Team) or import many teams at once (click the space that says 'Click to choose' under 'Current Competiton:' on the home screen of the app.) All of the competition names and all of the teams signed up for each competition are pulled from the FIRST website, a request of a judges at a past competition who loved the app. Each team added will hold data that the you input about it, so that it can be later reviewed and analyzed. As well as taking in options, you can also write notes about the team in the text box on their screen ('View teams' > select a team.) If you scroll down you will also see that users can take pictures and associate them with a team!

The app also takes some of the calculating off your hands by showing the total, average, largest and smallest values for any option. It will even graph the data points for a particular option over time, compared to the average of every teams data points for that option (in the app click 'View Team' > select any team > 'View team graphs'.) The app also allows you to compare many teams at once on any numeric option with its ranking feature ('Rank Teams' > select any option from the drop down.) This way you may quickly decide who you want on your alliance or how good your opposition will be.

The FRC Scout system also allows users to create your own matches and add teams to them, another way to keep track of all your data ('View matches' on the home screen.) Based off of previous data entered, the app will even predict the outcome of a match given the 6 teams involved ('Predict match' on the home screen.) You may return to the home screen of the app at any time by clicking the 'FRC Scout' text at the top of the page.

The app was designed to be as flexible as possible, so that you can have best experience with it and be able to customize it to your liking.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email the developer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
A password recovery system will be implemented soon, thank you for the patience in the meantime (if you want to change your password, until the recovery system is added you may email the developer at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your team name and new and old password. Also if possible please do so from the email you signed up with.)

Thank you and good luck to all teams this year!



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