Why A Business Plan?

A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals, in our case a set of business goals to keep our team running successfully for years to come. A business plan will state the reasons why the business goals are believed attainable, and will also contain the plans for reaching those goals. The business plan will also contain background information about the organization or team attempting to reach these goals. FIRST Team 2168 believes that it is making an outstanding impact on its local community, thus we believe in the need to sustain that positive impact by generating a successful Business Plan.


Our Complete Business Plan

FIRST Team 2168 has generated a substantially sized docuement outlining our business plan for the future. To view this business plan please (click here). Or follow our drop down menu to Resources / Organization / Business Plan. Thank You and Enjoy!

Executive Summary


Our Mission

The Aluminum Falcons’ mission is to cultivate interest, understanding, and skill in the fields of engineering and technology. We strive to foster cognitive development in students through team membership, community outreach, project management, critical thinking, and unique experiences. We seek to encourage creativity of thought, perseverance in the face of obstacles, and compromise as individuals who are part of a team.. Our core vision is to become a central example for students, their families, community professionals, local businesses, and our entire school district.

The Aluminum Falcons is determined to inspire students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and promote STEM as a fun and engaging pathway to a brighter future.          

 History of the Aluminum Falcons

  • The Cyber Falcons enter FRC in 2007
  • The team was comprised of 5 students and 2 mentors
  • The team was changed to the "Aluminum Falcons" in 2010
  • Our first FIRST competition was "Breakaway" in 2010

Team Founders

Brian Chidley (high school physics teacher and head coach) has been leading the team since 2010

Joshua Miller (Electrical Engineer at General Dynamics Electric Boat) many years involvement with FRC

Current Team Standings

The team has two dedicated and inspiring leaders:

  • Brian Chidley, Physics Teacher, head coach
  • Joshua Miller, Electrical Engineer, lead mentor

        16 Mentors        32 Students      5 sub-crews     5 Co-Captains

Location of the Team

Robert E. Fitch High School, 101 Groton Long Point Road Groton, CT 06340 – Groton Public Schools School District





 Relationship with Sponsors

  • Long-term relationships with sponsors
  • Sponsor Appreciation Night and Open House
  • Direct Internship and Co-op placement for students
  • Recognition our multiple forms of media
  • Financial and In-Kind Support
  • Thank You packages (letter, shirt, DVD) to donors and sponsors

Services Rendered

  •         Inspire tomorrow’s engineers today
  •         Design, develop, and perform a robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC)
  •         Mentor high school students to encourage creativity and innovation through project-based learning
  •        Development of project management skills, community outreach, and practical life skills
  •         Create a unique environment that shares and fosters the growth of science, engineering, and technology in local schools and the community
  •         Opportunities for students to seek internships and co-op placements in STEM-related careers
  •         Focus actions to the promotion of the FIRST philosophy
  •         Support of the local community through fundraisers and events
  •       Sponsor and mentor multiple FLL teams


Summary of Growth

2007-            5 students,    2 Mentors,     2 Major Sponsors

     2012-            33 students,    14 Mentors,    8 Major Sponsors

Summary of ACTION Plan

  • Summer “Workshop” Sessions for new and seeking students
  • Increase awareness of FIRST
  • Sponsor and Community Open House Night before closing of season
  • Video updates via website blogs, YouTube, social networking, and school morning announcements

Sponsor Growth

  • Explore new ways to partner with current sponsors in effort to give back to them
  • Continue developing local businesses as sponsors
  • Continue to provide quality interns as employees to sponsors

Community Outreach Growth

  • Continue working with children through camps & schools
  • New community partnerships being developed


  • Acquire 6 more mentors in programming, mechanical, and electrical
  • Acquire and expand to more freshmen and sophomores
  • Encourage more participation of female members
  • Expand electrical sub-crew
  • Create a STEM center in a disused building for robotics for the Eastern Connecticut area
  • Host scientific contests to elementary/middle/high school students

 Keys to Success

  • Integrate Fitch Robotics into a local boy scout and girl scout program
  •         Integrate robotics into school curriculum as a technology applied arts credit

  •           Adopt a lean operation approach to reduce waste and increase output


Complete Business Plan (pdf) 


·         Integrate Fitch Robotics into a local boy scout and girl scout program

·         Integrate robotics into school curriculum as a technology applied arts credit

·         Text Box: Scan QR code to find more information about the Aluminum Falcons FRC Team 2168http://www.visualead.com/visual_qr_code_download/158448/jpgAdopt a lean operation approach to reduce waste and increase output    

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