Sponsor Appreciation

Solidworks has already been an amazing asset to the team this year. With the creation and the first year of an organized CAD team we have already seen the design and fabrication of elements in our new Robot Aluma Fett.  

"I was pleasantly surprised with how user friendly the program is. I'm no expert yet, but with a year of experience I had the skills to entirely model this year's robot. I was filled with pure elation when this year's parts arrived from the machining company. The process of design, consultation with the machining company, and seeing the final product evokes an indescribable, surreal feeling of accomplishment."

-Matt. G/CAD Specialist


We got more than we could have ever hoped for. Our primary manufacturing sponsor this year was The Hillery Company (http://www.hilleryco.com/), from right here in Groton, CT. They have some mills, very experienced people, oh yeah, and a waterjet plus cnc sheetmetal capabilities. This was the first time anyone on the team got a chance to do sheetmetal design. The Hillery Company directly imports SolidWorks files to their machines and to make things easy we learned SolidWorks.

 We give them the CAD models, they review the parts to make sure they can make them, then we get a phone call when they are done. Below is a picture of our first sheetmetal parts! We would not have produced the robot we have without them, and we cannot thank them enough. We look forward to working with them again in the future.









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