Funding a FIRST robotics team is no small task. Local companies and professionals are the life blood that keeps the Aluminum Falcons soaring. We are grateful for the sponsors who have supported us year to year as we continue to grow and impact the community. If you are not currently a sponsor, please consider becoming a partner with FIRST Team 2168–the Aluminum Falcons.


Team Address:

Aluminum Falcon Robotics

Robert E. Fitch Senior High School

101 Groton Long Point Road

Groton, CT 06340


Team Contact:

Brian Chidley

Faculty Advisor

Email: bchidley@groton.k12.ct.us

Voicemail: 860-449-7200 ext 2218


Aluminum Falcon Robotics Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductable. Supporting documents and receipts are available on request.

Checks should be made payable to “Aluminum Falcon Robotics.”


Sponsor Us


The Fitch High School Robotics Team, the Aluminum Falcons, invites your company to help us change how math, science, and engineering are taught in America, and in so doing, change the way society views careers in science, technology, and manufacturing. There are more technical positions available in today’s workforce than there are trained Americans to fill them. Consequently, corporations need to look overseas for engineers and technicians to meet the demand. This disparity does not come from a lack of talent, but a lack of understanding and appreciation. Most American students enter college having no experience in applied technology. If there were some way to introduce all of the aspects of engineering and technology to high school students in a fun and challenging way, then more college-bound seniors will be aware of the vast number of career choices that are open to them. We are all cognizant of the fact that some youth will practice for hours every day in a sport where there is only a slim hope of becoming a professional athlete. Our society holds such dedication to athletic activity in high esteem. If there were some way to promote technological and manufacturing challenges that would inspire youth to spend a similar amount of time and energy toward an intellectual activity, more college-bound seniors would be prepared for these plentiful and varied technological careers.


How much do we need?

 Expenditure Pie ChartCompeting at a high level requires a lot of commitment as well as significant financial support. In order to be reasonably successful in our goals. The Aluminum Falcons need to raise about $30,000 in support from corporations and individuals each year. This money goes towards supporting the registration of the team for competition, the cost associated with the team's travel, robot design and manufacturing, as well as community outreach efforts. Remember, supporting our team is supporting a greater goal overall and supporting the real world education of the youth in your community. Your generous donation assures the continued success of Fitch Robotics and our endeavor to inspire and encourage young people to apply their talents and energy to the fields of math, science, and technology. Thank you in advance for your consideration.


There are many ways you can sponsor us:

  • Monetary - All checks should be made payable to: Aluminum Falcon Robotics
  • Materials - Our team is always in need of supplies, especially aluminum stock and useable lumber.
  • Time - Any time of mentors and volunteers is always appreciated
  • Services - We welcome manufacturing and machining help as well
  • Sustenance - During the build-season, we meet five or six days per week for four to six hours, most often through meal times. Donations and discounts for food can relieve a significant portion of our budget.


Immediate benefits to you, the sponsor 

Sponsoring the Aluminum Falcons also yields advertising benefits. Depending on the donation, you could receive a large amount of exposure. Links and logos on the website, logos on the robot and team uniforms, or even a mention in the team name are all possibilities. The scope of the FIRST competition means that your name will be distributed to hundreds of thousands. Attendance is estimated at over 130,000 students with over 2000 teams, along with 37,000 mentors and 27,000 event volunteers. These teams originate from Turkey, Canada, Israel, Brazil, U.K., Mexico, Chile, Netherlands, Germany, and almost every U.S. state. Most teams also include mentors, who (in many cases) are fully certified engineers working for a broad range of engineering companies. In addition, the Championship Event is hosted in St. Louis, MO in the Edward Jones Dome. Not only will there be local attendance in the Dome, but the event is also broadcast across the world through internet television, which will distribute your name to uncountable amounts of viewers.


New Sponsorship Levels for the 2015 season

Nominal Level

Actual Range of Contribution

Recognition :

Sponsors will receive all benefits indicated in this table, from the top through the appropriate nominal level





Acknowledgement, in the name of your choosing, of your contribution on our team website under the category “Friends of Aluminum Falcons,” as well as at the team “pit” during competitions. A written receipt of your contribution will be provided for your tax purposes. 501(c)(3) certification and W9 forms will be delivered on request.





An appreciation letter signed by members will be delivered or mailed to your address. Recognition of your name (personal or company) will be under the category “Patron.” Your name will also be included on the team’s 2015 uniform.






Your Company’s logo will also be included on the team’s uniform and on the website under the category “Silver Sponsor.” and The website will also feature a paragraph description of the company’s services/product, and will link to company’s own web page.






As a “Gold Sponsor, ” the Company name and logo will be featured on the team’s competition robot throughout the season. The Company logo will be  prominent on team uniforms and on the team website. Company name will be comprised in the team’s official name during FIRST Robotics Competitions, and be recorded in the FIRST Foundation’s database of sponsors.


$2500 “Platinum



The company logo will be more prominent on the competition robot, and website throughout the season. A unique recognition plaque will be created to thank you for your support for this team.





Yes Aluminum is the Best!


Our Aluminum Partners have the distinction of being the Principal Sponsor at one of our official  events . Throughout the sponsored event, our Aluminum Partner’s company logo will be most prominently featured on the competition robot as well as on the arm of  team members’ uniforms.


With special acknowledgement as “Aluminum Partner,” the company's logo will be posted on the homepage of the team’s website throughout the season, as well as physically in the team "pit" area during all official  events.





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